Re-purposed treehouse

By swschick · May 29, 2013 · ·
  1. swschick
    My "baby" is a 6'2" college soon-to-be junior. When a winter storm downed his tree-house we decided to get chickens. 100 feet of 1/2" hardware cloth, repurposed shed doors, some recycled windows ($10 each), $10 vinyl flooring and we are ready for the girls to arrive on Friday. We built a platform (also out of repurposed lumber) to keep them secure while we are at work all day. Planning on letting them free-range when we are home.
    a side view of the coop and run-love the window boxes!
    A rooster to watch over the girls! Double doors to make run clean out easier. Need to install outdoor roost and sandbox.
    backside view-top has 1/2 metal roof and 1/2 hardware cloth-tall enough to walk in
    nesting boxes
    inside-vinyl floor and roost in front of "picture" window (windows are both screened with 1/2" hardware cloth)

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  1. LuvOurChickies
    Beautiful ~ Love it !
  2. gkleing3
    Very nice! Can't wait to see the new occupants!
  3. Stumpy
    Great job!

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