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By roddycn1216 · Aug 9, 2016 · ·
  1. roddycn1216
    Hello all!

    I thought I would share some pics of our finished chicken coop! It measures 20' X 12' and the frame is made from a ShelterLogic frame our neighbor gave us that was no longer wanted. Additional framing was done with pressure treated lumber. The base is railroad ties (also given to us) leveled with huge river rocks :) Nesting boxes are 5 gallon buckets with plastic screw on perches filled with pine shavings. The perches were just recently finished and are also done with pressure treated lumber. The flooring is 2 tons of sand which ended up being 2-3" deep in the coop. We went with sand because we live in and winters here get exceptionally nasty... MUD, ice, snow... just ugh! The sand has cut the smell down to nothing and i can scoop out the poo with a pooper scooper and use in my compost pile! YAY! Where the coop went was extremely important to us. We decided on an area in our woods which ended up being PERFECT!! They stay cool and get TONS OF BUGS to eat while free ranging :) The soil down there seems to always stay damp so they can always be caught dust bathing/mud bathing when they get a little too hot :) These are our first chickens and we love them! We both have high stress jobs and watching and caring for them is a nice de-stresser:) Oh and did i mention, this was all done for under $500 with the most expensive stuff being the lumber and tin :)The spider is an extra resident whose rent is paid by eating those pesky black flies LOL! [​IMG]

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    "Well done."
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    Would love more details. How big is the coop? Any predator prevention methods that you used. Anything you would change?


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    Spiders are so freaky!

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