My husband and I always strive to do what's best for our family, our local community and the Earth. We enjoy growing our own fruits and vegetables, we recycle-reduce-reuse, we compost; we try to eat what's good for us, in season, and found locally. It's been a long dream of ours to raise chickens for eggs; now that we own our OWN house, we've decided to make it a reality!
Our usable space in the backyard isn't huge, and it's visable by one set of our neighbors. We knew we wanted something sized for our 6 hens, good looking, easy to clean, and (a last minute decision) movable. We decided on a tractor with a run underneath that is totally contained. We are using a good amount of leftover wood from the previous owner of the house and other projects. I'm the designer/visioneer and the hubby is the realist/carpenter. The kids are our reason for living a sustainable lifestyle. We hope to teach them how to care for their Earth and fellow man.


The coop is the second story. 2ft off the ground, 4'x4'x3'tall. The run will extend out another 5'. We decided to make it a tractor, so wheels will come later (we hope).

The moon roof...


Sexy building inspector.

Thing don't move very quickly when there is a toddler trying to get into all the tools lying around.

The walls are up and painted. The pop door is on the wall straight ahead. The wall on the right has the egg collection door and some ventilation windows up top.


A "chicken's eye view" through the pop door.


Supposed to be dandelions. It just needed some art. This was the closest I could get to "art".


Milk crates for nesting boxes. I got those for free at work. The inspector seems to be displeased with them. We'll see what the chickens think.