This was a lean too a year ago. Nothing was square or planned on it - ugly but manageable. I took what it offered and closed it in with raw lumber, added a front door and a horizontal rectangular floor door in the rear to let the birds out daily in the fenced summer run. We also added a winter run to the right with a polycarbonate roof which I hope generates heat in the winter and allows the bird to scratch around in the dirt here in northern Michigan. Last winter they just sat in the coop all winter and got frost bit - not good. Only one bird (EE) went out in the snow (cowards). As you can see, its just thrown together from a bunch of scraps. It has a plywood floor with a heavy duty tarp over it. There is also nesting boxes inside. We just winterized it also. We'll likely decorate the front next year and we still have a days work left. We'll add horizontal vent screen to the front and rear for airflow. I'll post more later and read what I post first - oops.