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By walker1229 · Sep 7, 2015 · ·
  1. walker1229
    We converted an old shed at our new house into our coop. Above the window in the picture below we put a vent in because there was a big hole and it was cheaper to put a house vent in then special order the sheeting we would need :) I cut out windows and framed them. The picture below is before we had any birds, part way through the project.
    Inside we lined the walls with pallets, being in Wyoming I was really worried about it getting to cold and someone suggested the pallets so we can stuff them with straw to keep in heat. It also made it so we could separate the shed in two so eventually we can keep rabbits :)

    Doors open to let you see where the chickens go. We ran out of paint part way :)
    Window form the inside.

    This is later on in the project, wood painted, make shutters with glass, we get harsh wind and rain (spring/fall) and snow (fall/winter/spring) so I wanted a way to keep that out when I knew a bad storm was coming.

    Front doors have screened windows with shutters.
    Before our first set of eggs hatched we received 5 free Khaki Campbell's ducklings about 3 weeks old, we fenced off a run, but now that they are older they love to roam the yard for yummy things and to sleep under the trees.
    Enjoying the pool.
    Below they are about 2 months old. We have one duck and 4 drakes, so when they are a little older 3 of the drakes will be put in the freezer.
    We are still working on the entrance to the run, and want to eventually put up bird netting over the entire thing, since I think we feed more wild birds then our flock!
    Inside we added nesting boxes, and temporarily have our roosts here, we want to put a poop board under the roosts but this is what will have to do for a little while.
    This is our coop brood area, where we keep our 1 month old chicks that hatched and our lone chick that hatched out of the second group. Luckily the 1 month old chicks have taken the new chick in!
    Here are our older hens and rooster, we got from a lady in town, we are hoping they will lay some more but if not, into the freezer they will go too.
    Our 1 month old chicks
    Inside the coop brood box, pip our little lone chick is by the red bowl, they big ones have accepted him and even let him cuddle up with them at night :) I haven't taken him outside yet because its pretty cool here, but maybe in a week or so I will take them outside for a little :)
    This is our coop and birds so far :)

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  1. ladyearth
    oh, hate to keep running on forgot to mention too just a suggfestion here...
    but we put up 2 inch poultry wire over top of run.... that was a big MISTAKE... big time mistake... It should have been 1 inch pw openings or less .........and paying for it now as blanety blank wild bird getting in. RRRhhh. bought 6 ft wide rolls too special ordered I think 150 foot rolls too. . I ordered over phone hurriedly( order had to go in by like 10 am). farm store a distance away... so that was a mistake. haste makes waste
  2. ladyearth
    oh forgot to ad we need to do windows couple small. and a chcken door I guess in the big door?//
    Like yours lots... but I hesitate using that much wood and straw. cause will give a place or mites etc to hide... that my experience and others said the same...
    I had a chance ro get two brand new real small Dh windows for $20 or so a piece at Habitat Restore.. in our previous big town
    I even picked them up and held them... Duh... I keep kicking myself lot for not getting them
    we got some vents left from our old previous roof. and a whirly bird vent..
    Wow saw and didnot act fast.. saw a wow whirlybird vent at flea mkt with a steeple look... a guy bought it while I was a thinking about it. duh me
    ah well prob do hard fiberglass or something with paneling over for inside. cause my chickies love styfoam and peeling paint.. even though got plenty of natural bds scared to give those mites like I said places to hide....

    I am going to study yours more... thanks for showing. like I said yours looks nice great ideas on the windows...
    take care all
  3. ladyearth
    yah, we bought a real nice USED big aluminum shed other day off C list, wow it was even local. I believe its 9 by 13.. wow
    Supp to have been delivered but it was a major wreck on the main 2 lane hwy.. so hopefully it gets here Friday.
    i couldnt believe its so nice for the price. wish I would have taken a picture. The CL ad had no pic,, so I thought for the money it would have been junky....
  4. chickbird
    I think the pallet idea and straw insulation is great.It would be good for the cold and act as insulation for cooling in the summer. You have done a great job/

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