Simple Chicken Coop

By hot wings · Apr 11, 2013 · Updated Apr 11, 2013 · ·
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    Describe 'Simple Chicken Coop' here I was going along fine and somehow I lost all I had down so will try again.(lack of computer skills)

    Simple chicken coop made mostly of re purposed material. Basic footprint is 4x6x8 but the floor is 4x6. Good for 6 to10 hens. Beginning ground up it sets on treated 4x6x8 runners beveled at the ends for ease of moving. the floor is 10 inches above ground level and made of used "trex" material a friend gave me. Back wall is 4 feet high and front is 5 feet high. Nest boxes are mounted on the outside for convenience and ease of gathering eggs. I made the window frames myself and added transparent plastic tarp to aid in lighting. The windows can be opened and held open with a short piece of pet chain and J-hooks. The roof hangs over the front and offers some protection for the nest boxes from rain dripping on them. I had to purchase siding, deck sealer, roll roofing, and some hardware. Less than $300.00 cash outlay.

    Were I to do it over I would increase the size a bit, maby 6x12 with a 3x6 storage in one end to keep feed and other items. Otherwise I kinda like the look of it and it is right handy.

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  1. FlappyFeathers
    "Good From the Outside"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    But what about the interior? A square box can look nice, but it's the actual living space that counts. I'm sure everyone wants to see inside.
    No instructions or plans. No close up photos or breakdown of the features. Better to include your written descriptions as it applies to each photo rather than post a bunch of photos then a bunch of writing at the end.


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  1. lwiese58
    I think this is great and especially great budget wise! I like the size.

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