Simple, easy to build chicken coop!
This small, simple coop is best for either up to 8 Bantams or 4 Standard. This is a great coop for begginers.

These images arent the prettiest... please dont let this put you down... any ways, here is the front of the coop.

Here are the left and right sides.

Here is the back.

Hahahahaha! Zappity Zap Zap!!! we havent had any predator problems since we put this up!

You cant really see it, but that is the wire runnin around the coop. that tiny little thing has kept dogs, cats, coons, and foxes out!

We use four nest boxes for all our bantams! Its nice at night when you go out there to check on em' one last time and there all snuggled behind the rooster....

This is the food shelf. i put there water and food up there and a cocina rock so if they peck it, there eggs get tougher.

Its sorta like a stair case, they hop on the pillar, then the branch, and finnally the food shelf. its actually funny watching them do it!

This is a side veiw into the coop. It kinda shows how we layed it out. If you look at the bottom, its all dirt. when we first had it done, it was lushes and green. LOL! We cant let our chickens free range because they wont come back at night, they will just roost in the trees because they can fly.

See how nice this beard moss is. the chickens love it and its plentyful down here in Florida. It is sort of a pain getting it for there nests because they normally grow in the high branches of trees. We get lucky when we find it on the ground. Anyways heres what it looks like under the moss in a week.

"Ewwwwww... Mommy! I made a mess!" LOL. Thats real fun to clean out.

After a nice hot summers day, Rocky and his girls like to get a drink together.

COMING SOON! Instructions and Supplies for people interested in building it.