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  1. dbplophil
    This was a small 4x3 ft chicken coop I threw together over a weekend. It was spurned on by the foul odor our chicken, duck, and goose were making in our basement. It was time for them to migrate outside. I originally had built a small 4x3x2 open box and lined it with 3 mil plastic liner for the floor and walls for the birds to live in while inside. I wanted to utilize that box for their new outside house.

    I wanted enough room for the birds to be able to use later on down the road and I also wanted enough space to mount a heat light inside, since it was still a bit chilly outside and the duck and goose still hadn't developed their feathers. So I decided to go with a 45 degree gable roof top. I also wanted to have a roof top entry that would be large enough to be able to get in the coop with ease.

    This little house started out small in my mind, but ended up being quite large and heavy. For the frame, I capitalized on using 2x4s from a stack of pressure treated lumber I got half price from Lowes scrap cut lumber. I lined the walls and roof with 3/4 inch pine and used cheep 1x4 firing for the siding. I used brown corrugated metal for the roof, one 3x10 sheet covered it all, and I used 5/4x6 cedar for trim. I went with a dark ebony stain for the trim and a dark walnut stain for the siding.

    Overall I like the design. Plenty of room for the birds, but no way I can move this thing on my own. It is heavy and solid. Currently I'm using a 4x4 run for the birds out front, I plan on eventually moving the house to my back yard and letting the birds run free. That is, if our giant newfy pup will refrain from trying to eat them!

    Thanks for looking. More pics to come soon!


    click the link below for more pictures


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  1. jykmoy
    Nice coop! I wish I can do something like that. Don't have the nerve for it. But I like what you did.
  2. dbplophil
    I had a little bit of an incentive, lol. The smell of the the birds inside was traveling up from the basement through the HVAC into our bedrooms upstairs. And my wife was 38 weeks pregnant with our third and I wanted to get the coop done before the baby came.
    I did have to do some touch up work after the first weekend building it, mainly stain and some trim work. I put some more pictures up in the album though. I'll get some more pictures later showing the inside with everything done, and I'll make a new album for the birds. Thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoy the new pictures.
  3. judyki2004
    In just a weekend!!! Our coop is 3x4 too and took me a lil more tyhan 2 weeks working on it daily! ( It was my first construction ever!) It look very nice! would love to see more pics of the coop interior and the birdies :O) Blessings!

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