Spiraling Coop Project

By AKChickie · Jun 28, 2012 · ·
  1. AKChickie
    Hello! I am so proud of the coop my husband built me. I call it the spiraling coop project because it was originally going to be a chicken tractor that could house 6 or so chickens. Once my husband began building, however, it quickly spiraled out of control! He wanted to make everything more sturdy, so after all of the upgrades it became too heavy to roll around the yard, so we put it on blocks and built a permanent run for them. We ended up with 8 chickens and it works great! [​IMG]


    My son with his chickens. He loves them. The cord hanging out is for a light when its cold out. We live in Alaska, so that will be used A LOT come winter :)

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  1. judyki2004
  2. MisterChicken
    Great coop! I'm assuming they're free ranging? Any problems with predators?
    Hi, I also live in Alaska. I am just starting my coop. I was originally only going to have 3 chickens in a 4x4 coop. I now have 6 chickies and my coop is 4x8. I really like your coop. I have to make sure mine is really secure because I am in Palmer. Last winter the wind tore up my 4x4 posts on my fence. I will post my coop on here when I am done. It will probably be a couple weeks.

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