and so the insanity begins...
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I was offered this old building that my grandfather built years ago.
It is approximately 8'x12' in size. The exterior is rough,
but the interior and roof are in fantastic shape.


My design concept for how to convert the old shed into a coop. I am not sure I
have shown enough ventilation. I am sure I will add more, although I am concerned
about too much to the high winds that we get. Unfortunately the AutoCAD drawing
didn't copy well to Photoshop, but I think you can get the idea
Note: I have made several changes to the original design based on comments.


I am planning on putting in 150' of 6' fence with this configuration. The plan
is to have 25 chickens, so this design allows 71 sq ft per chicken. Not quite free
range, but I am hopeful it will cut down on feed cost. Having it open on top leaves
me vulnerable to hawks, but I am hopeful that I won't have too many problems.


04/11/2011 - I have almost finished the West side

4-30-2011 - Built the external nesting boxes today. Things are coming together.
I still have to finish the east side and do some odds and end on the north, south
and west sides.

- 18 Delaware, 4 partridge rock and 3 new hampshire chicks from Paul Harter - hatched on April 10th.
- 8 Speckled Sussex and 4 Dominique from Itsmyobsession - hatched April 28th
- 6 Wheaton Ameraucana from HBuehler- hatch date approximately May 15th.
- 5 Bourbon Red Turkeys from craigslist - hatch date approximately May 22nd
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