sunflowerevny chickens
This is our coop and run. And the eggs are going to cost a lot for the first year. But it will be worth it for the family.

The chickens are 2 hen silver campine,2 hen buff Orpington,3hen and 1 roo who has a disability Australorp /corhin mix,2 hen Leghorn . They came to us on April 4 2010 one week old.

My husband and I order a shed 8 x12 it arrive late June 26 2010. It has 2 24" windows and a 36 "door and then we got a dog run 10'x20'. We put up the run first so the chicks could go outside during the days while we work on the shed.

My hubby made a weather proof chicken coop door in the back wall facing the run which is about 13x 15 inch it has ramp that goes down into the run. It folds up to a rubber seal to insure no water get in .It has double slide bolt to lock the door up at night. Then painted the floor and put up 2 2x4by 8ft long perches the perches is about 6ft above the floor. We will have to put in a lower level perch about 4ft for them we lifted them up to train them to fly up to the perches. This is the 3rd night in there.On the 4th night they were fly up bythem self except for the roo. Under the 3 perches we have pine shaving and a board to keep the pine shaving in. We use two 3ft rain gutter for their pellets food and gallon water dish on the floor under the nest boxes and we change the water every other day in the coop. The nest boxes are there 3 nest boxes for now the two end ones are 14x14 the middle one is 28x 14 until we it another borad to divide it or i could put in a small cage for new chicks if need be for now

We are going to install hard cloth wire over the outside of the windows. The shed has a roof vent along the peek and eave vents that are 12 ft. Later we will install a work light for humans n night light too. In fall we will insulate it
In the run we have a 12 ft tarp cover for now for shade. When we move into our home [we are renting now] we will put wire over the top of the run. They have water and a 4 ft rain gutter hooked to the fence for watermelon n kitchen food. We throw out greens and scratch for them on the ground for now. They learned to adopt to there new enviroment so quickly and Mommy will miss care for them in their cages.
before pic coop





All Finished Chicken Coop

my daughter took the pic n the house is level


Please modifty this gate at the top between the open of each side the gate so your chicken cannot fly up on top of the bars. A chicken can be strangle easy make a believe there is a chicken where the mitt was.

the flock





feeder and right window


feeder/ dog dish water old one


ramp n feeder can


my first set of eggs it was my leghorn 7-19-2010
my third was from leghorn it was
as small egg 7-20-2010
which iam getting one every day now

i have decide to put the nest box inside the coop you could see the new gallon size water dish under it on the left

my girls at 24 weeks

my quiet roo .MR ICHABOD

my noisey roo. turn out that she lay an egg lol Mrs roo in memory i love her thanks for evey thing