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Swap Page 22

By Cindilou · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Cindilou
    Swap items:

    Chaya/Mexican Tree Spinach cuttings
    The trees on my property came from cuttings less than 3 years ago. They can die back in the cold and fully rejuvenate. This photo was taken 1/8/2012 in central Florida.

    Jamaican Sorrel/Roselle Seeds just harvested this week 1/7/2012

    Okinawa Spinach Cuttings, eat raw or cooked like spinach. These are found to have omega 3 fatty acids
    Beatiful purple undersides!

    Chinese Long Bean seeds-third generation in this garden
    Purple Hyacinth Bean seeds-also third generation seeds in this yard
    I took this photo from another source but this is it:

    Will have moringa seeds soon, they are good for livestock as well as humans and are full of vitamins:

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