The Borg

By nellynelly · Jul 6, 2012 · ·
  1. nellynelly
    resistance (to chickens) is futile.


    i started researching coops and chicken needs about 1 year before i actually completed the construction. the coop needed to hold 4 birds and i wanted to use recycled/free material. we travel a good amount, so they needed to always have access to some dirt. we have a small urban lot, so room was an issue.

    i decided to build an elevated cube (4'x4'x4'), with a permanent run area below. the nesting box is within the cube.

    nest boxes under construction

    main (human) access to the coop.


    after i installed the metal roof, i got concerned about internal heat (i did install vents all along the roof eaves) so i decided to go "green". i sealed the roof with Henry's and installed a plastic liner. the roof slope is at 2% (i know, not enough, but i wanted a cube). i used a planting mixture of 1/2 coir, 1/4 pumas, and 1/4 compost. initially used a wildflower mix, but have slowly been replacing with succulents and sedums (the wildflower mix looked pretty rough in late summer).

    roof prior to planting (and trim).


    coop with access to run (2'x25'). we open this up daily. i would like to continue the run around the perimeter of the yard, i just need more security bars. the door of the underside swings open to create a secure pathway to the run.

    inside of coop (pre cleaning). i add bedding when needed, clean once a month or so. i have started using coffee chaff.

    total cost of coop was ~$50.

    one thing i would change would be better human access to under side of coop (it would be hard to get to inured bird).

    dr crusher and cmdr riker.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. CCUK
    "Love it!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    This is the best use of recycled materials. I love the signage!
  2. Anonymous
    "Love the concept!"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 5, 2018
    How could I not be intrigued by a coop called The Borg? Things I love, the permaculture roof, the recycled sign siding, the gutter, the fact that you made it yourself for very little. My biggest concern is the lack of light and ventilation inside. It looks very dark and stuffy in there. I feel like you've given them the minimum to survive instead of a fun and comfortable place to stay, particularly when you're out of town. And where are those chickens anyway?


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  1. marian0116
    Very Borg! Too funny.
    "Like the roof top garden"
    Always thought Dr. "Crusher" funny name for a doctor. I had a "Dr Payne" for a dentist.
  2. joan1708
    Interesting! I hope the "authorities" never have to come out to look at your coup. You could get in trouble for the signs?

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