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The Chic Crawl

By JandLPetFarm, Mar 21, 2013 | Updated: Mar 21, 2013 | | |
  1. JandLPetFarm
    we are brand new to raising chickens but now that my fiance' and I live on a couple acres we decided it would be great to start!


    We wanted to try a simple coop design so we went with an A-Frame Coop. We used a couple 2x8 and some scrap plywood we had in our barn to begin the coop.

    The frame itself is 8'x6'x4'

    Here we added the walls and the top bar we extended so we would be able to move the coop from place to place.


    Here we added the walls to the hen house.


    We added roofing to the hen house and chicken wire and also began construction on the door to the run.


    here is the completed door with chicken wire and a 2 latches to hold it all in place.


    here i've added stairs to the hen house.


    here is the inside of the hen house, its about 2.5' wide by 6' long. You can also see my two roosting bars. This will be housing 3-4 hens. This is also the opening to the roof, its attached by two hinges on top so the roof is also functional.



    Here is the nest box, its about 14" across, 12" tall and 11" deep. I also added a handle for easy opening.

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  1. JandLPetFarm
    Thank you, I have some bricks so I'll use them around the bottom. Would I need to secure the house as well?
  2. paridisefarm2009
    very nice job
    just remember raccons can dig and pull chickens thru that chicken wire put something around the bottom like rocks or bricks to keep em safe :) Congrats and good luck

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