The Chicken Garden Coop

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  1. FrontPorchIndiana
    The Chicken Garden
    by Mike & Christine​
    One of the greatest benefits to raising chickens is the abundance of fertilizer they so freely provide while eating weeds and bugs. So it only makes sense that chickens and gardens should go together. Or should they? Follow along through the trials and tribulations as we build our chicken garden.​

    The Best Laid Plans​
    If the chickens and the garden are meant to be together then a plan would need to be developed. For starters we would need a place to house the birds and keep all the related tools and supplies. A quick search of the barn left us with some old doors and windows, concrete blocks and some old kitchen cabinets. Once we measured the doors and windows that we wanted to use we were able to develop a floor plan.

    The building will sit between two separate fenced areas. One for a chicken run, one for a garden to be alternated each year providing labor free fertilization. Just let the chickens do their thing. A small composting area will be a shovel's throw outside the coop door.​
    The North wall (bottom of floor plan) will have two small windows with a windowed door in the center. This part faces the house so we may add some window boxes under the windows to dress it up a little.No reason why it can't be cute.
    The prevailing winds here come from the west (right side of floor plan), so we wanted to minimize the amount of openings on this side to prevent drafts during the winter months.​

    The East wall has a long skinny window to allow morning light to stream in and wake everyone up.​
    The South wall (top of floor plan) will have a large window and a windowed door to provide passive solar heat in the winter.
    See the construction.
    Check out the interior.
    Tour The Run.

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  1. JENEENHocker
    Am I missing or not seeing the material list?
  2. austrolover1
    Nice coop!!!
  3. Nardo
    I really like the idea of moving the garden from side to side after the hens do their thing. I also like the raccoon deterring ramp. It almost makes the door there superflous. Great job!
  4. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  5. jmariebeef
    That is very similar to how mine will be laid out when its done only my nesting boxes will be in the divider wall and overhang on the storage side where the cabinet is. That way we can gather eggs without entering the coop. That will move the roosts over to the other end where the nesting boxes are here, I won't have quite as big an area for storage though.
  6. Iuvmychix
    How many chickens fit in here?
  7. applegal
    Very nice, I like the idea of rotating the girls between the 2 outdoor runs/garden.
  8. Mrsroeder2012
    I like this one real nice and neat looking great idea
  9. BigMochicks
    I like the coop and the idea of rotating runs for gardens... thanks for the plans, husband and I are working on our own coop and taking everyone's ideas into consideration, trying to figure out what to do with our own.
  10. sandyjs
    Hi I like you coop and would like to build one like it here in Farmington, NM. Where could I get a list of the materials you used..the construction video along with the interior will make it easy to build..thanks a bunch Sandyjs

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