Our coop isn’t beautiful or even artistic. While I love the beautiful coops I see here, we were faced with time constraints and more importantly, financial considerations. We needed to create the sturdiest coop and run we could with a limited budget and no degree in architecture.
So, we started our journey at Lowe’s.


We bought a 5‘ x 6’ aluminum shed, and lumbar. We ordered our hardware fencing online at Amazon.
We first built the platform, then we put the shed together. That was no day at the beach!

9B91109C-EA88-4B3E-A098-2F8818C3B3E6.jpeg EF1F07B4-E1E5-4922-A055-2E114AA02B0F.jpeg 732814F6-E8F1-4CD4-A2AD-A0249911F2AE.jpeg 5D8A0822-94A0-4078-B094-317280BEB1E4.jpeg 05358A51-62F8-44AB-BADD-F80D3B41BB61.jpeg AA06F09D-DCB0-4715-9666-3CD5C835F91D.jpeg 76B680CB-F9E3-41E8-8CA6-11E8C6C43EC9.jpeg 6C6A746B-2CCC-480C-BAE6-BE418483E917.jpeg

I think putting the shed together was the hardest part! Getting all the panels to stay together while we put the braces on and all the little screws and nuts in was a challenge.

91055021-520C-4117-9EA5-99615C3F7BE9.jpeg 7149070D-C964-4519-8159-835E674A5AC5.jpeg 149FF823-F3CE-4377-A910-847F5EB9C8DC.jpeg AB909D42-B703-4451-A9AD-C20CB27BB797.jpeg

The next thing we did was begin building the framework for the run, and we finished the platform, which of course was the floor of the coop, and a little “porch” area. We bolted the shed to the wood platform all the way around.

7EDE0E65-F9CA-4A18-B96C-3A8E950DA84D.jpeg 3447E238-DE5F-4738-BBAD-DA35AD744C39.jpeg EC69F803-CE63-4F30-BCE4-4A62C6303DFF.jpeg 3CAEFB46-E159-4990-B4B3-B487BB566128.jpeg

Putting on the hardware cloth was a lot of fun, too! We had a thousand “paper cuts” on our hands and arms by the time we were done. And that was WITH wearing gloves. But we got it on and it was beginning to look like a suitable home for chickens.

23C816E1-2386-49ED-A257-6E720A5654AB.jpeg BB7A8A4C-83FF-42E6-8CE7-856E73EF80C1.jpeg EC0ECE15-9888-42F0-BBE7-FEB721F871F9.jpeg

We also put the doors on. We made very basic wood frame doors with the hardware cloth screening. We put one at the front entrance and one in the back.

Meanwhile our little family of chicks and ducklings had graduated from their brooders, and were living in their temporary housing which we made from large dog crates, while they patiently waited for their new home to be completed.

3E5D6737-DA97-4493-9FC4-60FCDF3A7C2C.jpeg 68057FE0-5DF2-4A21-8F24-F2FA472E52AF.jpeg C8889B50-A44B-46AC-AADA-CAA164D478C9.jpeg 30DCC1FC-6C91-45AB-A612-8C315A30DB12.jpeg 26596BE6-89B4-4692-AFF1-2BA61484D06E.jpeg

We put a chicken door in, and also two small shed windows (also from Lowe’s) for light and ventilation. We put hardware cloth over the windows on the inside.
We used tarps for the roof until we could get the supplies to put our metal roof on.

491DE99E-E3FD-4060-A2AA-9660DA57BABE.jpeg DAFC62ED-5B0B-450F-BBF8-CC6D92BB0160.jpeg