The Egg Shack

  1. Checkthisout
    10' X 10' with a 2 foot eve. 6 12" x 12" nesting boxes accessible from the outside. Motorized door out to the 14' x 14' run (slight oblong, actually widens to 18' on one end.

    Led strip lighting on the interior. Toilet float in a bucket hooked to a faucet. The water runs downs to some feeder nipples and will also eventually be followed up with some more water nipples for outside.

    Front view:[​IMG]

    Front/Side view:




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  1. Checkthisout
    The tin on the roof and sides was salvaged from a dilapidated awning that I tore off the back of my house. The gray piece of metal on the back was the protective shipping sheet for a shipment of pole barn roofing/siding.
    Thanks for the positive comments!
  2. Bogtown Chick
    Very Nice. I also like the corrugated Steel. Love it actually!
  3. chicki-vicki
    love the use of tin - and know hubby would too - will use yours to get him on board - thanks
  4. The Old Yolks
    I love your coop!

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