Hi! My coop isn’t anything special, but I would still like to share about my run! Unfortunately I don’t have pics of the build, as it was an ordered kit, but I put together a few fun things inside for the girls to enjoy. I hope you do too!

First, I have a string of lights which I put up. It gives the run some flare and I think it looks really nice! With it, I have a wreath that makes the whole outside look complete. :)

The outside also has a few signs, some which I made myself, others which I purchased offline. The signs are really fun and I enjoy having them up! I lan to add a few more soon.

One of my favorite parts of the run is the tire dust baths. I found 4 abandoned tires up in the woods, and rolled them back to the yard (not an easy task!). Then, I cleaned them up and purchased some spray paint to cover the years of wear and tear. They now serve as eye candy, as well as dust baths!

My feeder and waterer are great too. I previously had an old metal feeder and gravity waterer, but these items didn’t work well for me. I now have a gravity feeder and a nipple waterer. The girls are happy, and so am I! :)

I know this was quick, but I hope you enjoyed seeing my coop! I put a lot of effort and time into it and it really makes me happy :)