The Wild West Coop

Wow! That turned out really cute!
What did it cost you overall to build this? Can you add a picture or 2 of the finished inside?
A materials list would be good. As would a little more detail about the floor build and the details of the wall construction. From the pictures I am trying to figure out how many 2 x 4's 4 x 4's or whatever, you used.
I like how you included the things you tried to do yourself but then ended up having your hubby help/do. I would be the same way. I want to do things myself, but my husband wants to take over! :lau However, there are things that I know he can do much better than I can.

I also liked how you added that it would have been better/easier to do some of the wall building before you put up the walls.

I am not sure that you need to add the insulation and plywood inside. The ventilation inside will help prevent frost bite and chickens actually do really well in the cold. To me it seems like they have the hardest time with the heat.

Thanks for sharing your coop with us. It looks great! I can't wait to see the Outhouse project!!
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Really nice coop and I like the covered wagon
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