Wichita Cabin Coop

By ~KH~ · May 1, 2018 · ·
  1. ~KH~
    We built this based on the Wichita Cabin plans - the base is about 5 x 10. I prepainted all the wood and just touched up whatever needed it after it was put together. We used polycarbonate roof panels without anything underneath because we don't have a lot of wind here and it's very temperate all year long. I used boot trays as poop boards, but if I do this again, I'd use shallow plastic bins (more rigid and easier to remove to clean).

    In an effort to respect the intellectual property rights of the original designer of the plan, I am purposely not providing detailed build instructions in my article. It's meant to show another Wichita Coop built and how it turned out. Plans were purchased from here:

    1Foundation.jpg 2Framing.jpg 3Framing2.jpg 4Framing3.jpg 5Platform.jpg 6Intwall.jpg 7Nestboxside.jpg 8Nestbox.jpg 9Roosts.jpg 92Roof.jpg 93Front2.jpg 94Sidedoor.jpg 95Front.jpg 96Inside.jpg 97Side.jpg 98Popdoor.jpg 99WIndow.jpg Nest box.jpg Side2.jpg DSC09107.JPG DSC09124.JPG

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  1. ronott1
    "Nice coop!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    Adding a link to a different article is risky since links break on websites.

    Nice article but needs more build details
    1. ~KH~
      I added the link to provide build details. Since someone else designed and made the plans for this coop, it's their design and I'm trying not to repost what they did the work on. In posting this coop, I wasn't trying to provide a detailed build, only show another Wichita Coop build for people who are interested in that coop to see another one actually built. In choosing this coop, I spent a lot of time looking at others photos who used this design and found that helpful.
  2. rjohns39
    "Nicely done"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    Nicely built coop. I would have loved a bit more narrative, but the pictures gave me enough info to recreate what you've built.
  3. karenerwin
    "Awesome looking, but need more details"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    I really like how your coop turned out!!
    However, I would need more details if I were going to try to build one like this. Do you have a materials list that you could include? Also, on one picture I am not sure what I am seeing. It is the picture from inside and it looks like there is welded wire going across a small portion under the roof and along the upper side. What is puzzling me is that it looks like all this wire is under other material (like the roof panels). Is it really covering open areas that just look covered by the roof panels? And the angle just makes it look different?
    How many chickens are you keeping in there? How much did it cost to build your coop?
    I like that you reflected on what you would change.

    Thanks for sharing your coop with us.
    1. ~KH~
      Thank you for the input! Since I purchased the plans from another member here, I can't really put a cut list and such up. I did link to where I got the plans in the comments section under the Gallery.

      The small sections of hardware cloth are just covering up small open sections under the roof line. We have a ton of little birds here and I didn't want to leave any openings where they could get in and possibly trapped in the coop (or any openings for anything else).

      I have 6 chickens - it's probably better suited for 5, but we ended up with the six and they all get along very well with no fighting. Total cost was around $700 - I'm sure it could be built for less especially if you could find salvaged lumber (we had to buy all new).


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  1. TropicalBabies
  2. N F C
    Nice job, it all looks so tidy and comfortable for the flock!
  3. ~KH~
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    1. Texas Kiki
      Thank you!
    2. ~KH~
      You're welcome :)
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  4. Texas Kiki
    Great job!

    May I ask where the original 'Wichita Cabin' plans come from?
    I have seen others mention this style coop but I have no idea where it comes from.
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