Wichita Cabin Coop

By ~KH~ · May 1, 2018 · ·
  1. ~KH~
    We built this based on the Wichita Cabin plans - the base is about 5 x 10. I prepainted all the wood and just touched up whatever needed it after it was put together. We used polycarbonate roof panels without anything underneath because we don't have a lot of wind here and it's very temperate all year long. I used boot trays as poop boards, but if I do this again, I'd use shallow plastic bins (more rigid and easier to remove to clean).

    1Foundation.jpg 2Framing.jpg 3Framing2.jpg 4Framing3.jpg 5Platform.jpg 6Intwall.jpg 7Nestboxside.jpg 8Nestbox.jpg 9Roosts.jpg 92Roof.jpg 93Front2.jpg 94Sidedoor.jpg 95Front.jpg 96Inside.jpg 97Side.jpg 98Popdoor.jpg 99WIndow.jpg Nest box.jpg Side2.jpg DSC09107.JPG DSC09124.JPG

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  1. N F C
    Nice job, it all looks so tidy and comfortable for the flock!
  2. ~KH~
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    1. KikisGirls
      Thank you!
    2. ~KH~
      You're welcome :)
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  3. KikisGirls
    Great job!

    May I ask where the original 'Wichita Cabin' plans come from?
    I have seen others mention this style coop but I have no idea where it comes from.
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