My name is Mark, I live in central North Carolina, Hillsborough to be exact. I rent an old farm house just barely in the country and have waited for years to have chickens because I wanted to buy my own place .. well, I couldnt wait anymore. I started building my chicken coop the day after Thanksgiving 2007, the going is slow .. I re-designed the coop about 5 times before I actually began construction and most of my materials are recycled or reused building materials.

My Goal is to be able to house 10 or even 15 Hens ... I'm going to try to keep the number of hens in the beggining down to 5 or so while I learn the in's and out's of raising Chickens .. and im starting with Adult Hens as i've convinced a local to give me 3 Hens .. and im working a guy who has 17 three month old Bantam Hens .. Im trying not to get any Roosters.





heres the Coop being started on top of the run



and heres the coop, still some work to be done but not till spring