Coop - Repurposed shed

These are picture's of our repurposed shed that was turned into a chicken coop and of the run that was built from recycled lumber and doors. My boyfriend is the builder, I just helped assisting. The nice thing about having a second coop in the enclosed run is we can use the smaller coop for injured birds. The main flock can be out for free range time and have access to the large coop, but not the run. We then can allow the injured girls to be in the enclosed run during the day. Right now we have the nest boxes blocked off and have the 4 week old babies in the blue coop.
Looks like you had a lot of fun doing this one. I started raising chickens at our farm when I retired about 8 years ago. When I retired I knew I had to have a hobby so this was natural for me. I'm a retired health underwriter but I like physical work and working with my hands so at the farm we started with an old coop and soon had a condo for our chickens. I had to move back into town about 3 years ago. One of my neighbors gave me a shed that was on her property and I moved it and made my coop. Love Chickens.

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