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  1. Bluewater
    I put this incubator back in use this November (2017). The fan motor stalled and overheated ( the bearings froze). This raised the temperature to 123 degrees for an unknown period of time. I...
  2. saraiquimby1
    @flyingroosterranch honestly we don’t really handle them much but she’s definitely not as flighty as some of my other hens. She’s not friendly per se but not as crazy as, say, my EE girls.
  3. flyingroosterranch
    @saraiquimby1 I've always thought they were pretty but never had one. Are they pretty mellow. We only try to keep chickens that are pretty laid back, as my grandson is Autistic and he doesn't...
  4. saraiquimby1
    @flyingroosterranch yes! Bought her as a white leghorn as a chick lol definitely not what she is but she’s a good layer!! We call her Henry! Thought she was a roo for a while when she was young
  5. flyingroosterranch
    Beautiful, healthy looking chickens. Is the white with black a light brahma?

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