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  1. shayann
    OMG! I could tell you had a lot but had no idea that many. LOL! Yeah, it is easy to go nuts with these lovely little creatures. :love
  2. shayann
    I love them. I haven't seen them in my neck of the woods. How old?
  3. mkeawsh
    Are turkeys easy to keep? I hear from some that they aren't any harder than raising chickens and then others say they are a lot of work. I was thinking about getting Royal Palms but are hesitant...
  4. chrissynemetz
    @shayann it's a splash laced blue Wyandotte. I have four of them, and they're driving me nuts trying to decide if they're male or female lol
  5. chrissynemetz
    @shayann right now I have more than I had planned on getting. 64 hens and 6 roosters. Lol I had to replace most of my flock because of a fox attack... and I kinda went a little nuts with chicks. :)

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