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    Guinea eggs scattered the above thread is from 2015 but has a few great pictures of brooding guineas. You will know when you have one as she will gather all the eggs together making a clutch, and once the brooding session has started, she will be...
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    Guinea eggs scattered

    sure, makes sence... one egg every day or two, X how many days its been since you stopped gathering them. If i were you and i really wanted guinea chicks i would gather them all and set them in an incubator. i bet most would hatch, given that they have not frozen. Leaving them in the coop...
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    Topic of the Week - Dogs and chickens

    Best livestock guardian dog i ever had was a purebread austrailen shepherd. He was smart, wanted to please me, and knew what belonged in the yard and what did not. Simple as that. He was rewarded and praised by good behavior and scolded and punished for bad. Smart dog , figured out what his job...
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    Confusing Arrangement with Dog Damaging Chicken to Prevent Greater Loss

    My guardian dog Mick will "break up" what he perceives as alarming or disruptive goings on in the yard. My flock free range and I have 3 loose guardian dogs and it's a good thing or I would not have a flock left. These dogs do a great job, I have evidence on my game cameras with video Having...
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    Chicks from organic supermarket eggs

    My daughter can pick 6 day old chicks from the straight run same breed bin at the feed store and get all girls. She takes her time studying them and she says mostly it is looking at the feet and legs. Girls will have daintier legs and smaller feet (the center toe will be shorter). Its a slight...
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    We live in Maine, when should we allow a broody hen to hatch chicks?

    I also have hens thinking of going broody right now. I am going to diswade them for at least a month more. I think April is a good temperature wise month for new chicks. It all depends on your set up realy. I had a friend who boaded horses. She had a large pole barn with horse stalls, hay...
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    Another weekend has finally arrived... back to work on coop

    totally agree that you should sheet it first with plywood or even chip board (if it will be kept dry and moisture free). Then a layer of tar paper. We used bitchathane underlayment under some previously used roofin tin. We made sure to use roofing screws with the rubber gaskets and go thru...
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    How do you know??

    Well, some folks only have a few birds and know by the color of the eggs of they have say one leghorn or one is a easter egger. I work full time so not alot of time observing in the coop but i do know my girl Everests eggs because i have had her for 6 or 7 years. Right now i have 8 new pullets...
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    Hi I’m new

    Hey chixme! Glad you joined us. Do you have chicks or chickens now? welcome to the backyard!
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    Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Hi Michelle, Glad you joined us! have you decided what kind of chickens you will get? Are you getting them mostly for pets or eggs? I hope you enjoy it here as much as me! Welcome to the backyard!
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    Rooster is too rough on hens.

    Why cant you get to the ones that need saddles? If they go in a coop at night. That is the time (after dark) that its beast to handle birds. Some roosters have poor "technique", other are just young and learning, and some are just unnessarily rough and will always be so. Most roosters will have...
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    Advice please - unusual pullet behaviour

    Fall if 2018 i rescued 6 3 year old isa brown production hens. When spring came , one went broody and hatched 5 chicks.
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    Advice please - unusual pullet behaviour

    Is it possible she is low on the pecking order and bullied from the root area. I have one older hen i actually let stay in my nest box if she desires. She is around seven years old, name Everest because as a chick she had white on top and dark down low, like a snow covered mountain. Well...
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    chicken attack unixpectedly

    Hi, if you can tell us more information we can try to help. Like where in the world are you located? This wil help us determine what preditors you have, How many chickens do you have and how old are they? Roosters or hens? What kind of situation do you have for your chickens? Coop? Free range...
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    Ermine Troubles

    Instead of trying to eradicate every weasel from your location, why not fix your coop? Just so you realize that IF you have a resident weasel, you will likely not have rats and your weasel will also help keep your mouse population down. Weasels are nighttime hunters mostly and if your coop is...
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