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    What is going on with my mares Skin!?

    I've recently noticed these weird patches on my mare, there's large dandruff like pieces and some hair is falling out. Mainly on the side of her neck, on the throat latch and shoulders. Doesnt seem to be bothering her but it needs to be dealt with. Does anyone know what it is or how I can treat...
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    Pregnant Donkey Bleeding

    Thankyou for replying. So it ended up not really being bloody discharge, just the somewhat beginning of the foaling process, I feel so dumb lol. Mama and baby girl are doing great. :)
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    Pregnant Donkey Bleeding

    Hi, So I have a miniature donkey that is supposed to foal sometime this week. I went to check up on her and there is a little bit of blood dribbling out. I don't know if this is normal because I missed the birth of my other mini. Is she and the foal okay? Or Is it just because she's going to...
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