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    WTHeck is wrong with my hen's eye?? HEAVY PICS- graphic

    That is pretty gross but I'm glad she's ok. You're a good chicken mommy, Jess. ~Barbara
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    Dog for chicken protection?

    I'd like to get a puppy to train to help protect our chickens but would like some opinions as to what breed would be best. Thanks :)
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    My coop pics

    That wire is kinda large. You'd be surprised what predators can get thru that. Might want to consider some 1/2 inch hardware cloth. What did you make the boxes out of? The chickies are cute. :)
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    I could really use some advice regarding what to do about an egg bound hen. Thanks!
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    What breed is this roo?

    A friend recently received these two roosters with no info. They seem like good protectors. Any idea's on the breed? Thanks!
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    Chicken wire

    Sorry I didnt have time to read everyone else's posts...chicken wire will keep the chickens in but hardware cloth will keep predators out. It's worth the me!
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    Where do you put the dirty bedding when you clean the coop?

    We use hay. All the waste goes into a 5 gal bucket until the bucket is full. Sometimes people with gardens ask for it. Otherwise, we fill the bucket with water and let it "cook" for a few hours. Then water the flowers, trees, whatever. Like the others have said, the material (hay, pine shavings)...
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    Picture of my Silkie Coop

    It's so cute! They seem pretty happy. I like the door. lol
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    Inside the Coop

    We have some chickens who fight over nest boxes and one who will let it drop where ever she happens to be. You just never know what they're going to like. About the roosting all the different coops I've looked at and taking into account the things we've tried...I think they like...
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    Comment by 'actressbarbie' in media ''

    They are so cute! Nice and fat and fluffy.
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    The IMPORTED ENGLISH Orpington Thread

    Their feathers look so elegant!
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    What breed?

    Aww, they are both really sweet. Two of our faves. The light one loves to sit in a basket in the house. They both just love to be with us.
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