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  • To;Animals come first,
    If a hawk is getting your hens get a rooster. He will figh to the death protecting 'his' hens.
    My 2yr.old Leghorn, 'Cocky,' can flatten a Northern Harrier in 10 seconds........ I wittnessed it two times.
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    My rooster Napoleon is a hawk fighter too!
    Can you send it in a PM, it won't let me view it for some reason :/ Strange.
    I can't find the picture you are talking about! I don't recall it. It must be funny. She probably was very ticked off about the whole situation!

    Yes, Nellie is definitely molting. Looks almost complete too :)
    It looks like Nellie is molting, I bet that's why she is taking a break :) From the pictures you took in the sun. I can see nice new feathers on her neck.

    I have one that is naked in parts of her, and she is still laying! No extra lights or anything =O
    Mine don't have a heatlamp and they are laying like pros! :D But mine are younger than yours. Do you know their ages? Your newer girl looks a lot younger than Gloria and Penny!

    Oh and my buff orpington started to lay last Friday! Two new layers in ONE WEEK! WOO :D My babies are growing up =')
    I'm going to follow you in the least possible weird way :/ I love seeing your pictures! Especially Gloria :D

    By the way, my other barred rock girl laid her first egg today! I am so proud <3
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