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    online poultry show?

    so I was contemplating weather I should post an online silkie poultry show just for fun. I just need to make sure if I know if its ok, there wont be any prizes of any sort, just for fun. any suggestions? :jumpy
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    Ended Official BYC Mini Contest - Decorate a Cake, Cupcake or Cookie

    what! those duck cupcakes are awesome! and I bet you they would be mighty tasty too :drool
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    welcome to the amazing BYC website!!:welcome hope you have an EGGtacular time here and meet awesome BYC people!!:woot:woot
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    breeding birds for my program

    the one line would be related. I understand that you could breed the related birds but you could only go so far. wait can you line breed with highly related birds with the absence of another??
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    breeding birds for my program

    ok thank you! would you recommend 4 or 3 lines at the beginning?
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    breeding birds for my program

    thank you so much for this inciteful information! I'm actually restarting my line after I read the page because a little while ago a false genetic entered my flock of blacks turning all the chicks blue (which saying blue is more of a dominant gene. I never received blacks I was looking for) so...
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    Hi y'all from Seattle!

    welcome to BYC!!:welcome hope you have an EGGcellent time here!! :woot:woot
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    Chicken Newbie

    welcome to BYC!:welcome hope you have a fantastic time here with these awesome people! :woot:woot
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    First day at BYC

    welcome to BYC!!:welcome that's awesome that you have silkies!:yesss: what variety?
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    Howdy from Texas!

    welcome to BYC!!:welcome have an EGGtacular time here!! :woot:woot
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    Hello Everyone!

    welcome to BYC!!!:welcome hope you have a fantastic time here!! :woot:woot
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    New chicken keeper.

    welcome to BYC!!:welcome it is so awesome that you joined! :woot:woot
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    The 2019 Halloween/Thanksgiving Hatch-a-Long Prettiest Hen or Pullet Photo Contest

    I have never seen such a beautiful hen, and with silkie feathers!!
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    New Member

    welcome to BYC!!! :welcome we hope you have a fantastic time here!! :woot:woot
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