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    Dark Brahmas, 8 months old

    Fingers crossed! Glad yours are finally laying!
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    Dark Brahmas, 8 months old

    Thanks for the info. Explains a lot.
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    Dark Brahmas, 8 months old

    I have 5 dark Brahmas. They are 8 months old and still not laying. They were born in June of 2017. I know they are a slow maturing bird but I read that they should start laying around 28 weeks, which would have been mid to late December. Not sure if it has something to do with the season. We are...
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    Hawk Problem

    I was sitting inside today and I heard a crash by my coop and then I heard all my chickens going nuts. I looked out of my window in time to see a hawk and all of the chickens running into the coop. I ran out yelling at the hawk and as he flew away he released one of my chickens. All of the...
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    The black and white one have very noticeable combs. The last photo is from when I first got them. I have had these chicks for about 3 weeks. I believe they are about a month old. I am pretty positive the white and black one are both Roos. I am not sure about the rest and I think that they are...
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