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    Guess What...

    Yeah, that's what my mama keeps saying; I believe her wholeheartedly, but sometimes it still makes me sad. It feels like someone came in one night and switched out my Chris with this lying, cheater. I want MY Chris back, not the person I saw the last time. I feel robbed, and duped.
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    Guess What...

    I know, right? I despise infidelity. I have a hard time even watching tv shows with characters cheating on one another. Not because I think I'm better than they are, or anything like that, it just...makes me sad, and reminds me of everything that happened.
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    Guess What...

    Okay, so just to update, if anyone cares.... This is the first post I've made in awhile, and it's because of all this. Chris cheated on me, with his supposed 'best friend's fiancee,' and a few other people. I just found out a couple of months ago. For the sake of anonymity, I'll use first...
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    Bantam roo better?

    Honestly I'd say they're both about the same. But my standard EE roo is stronger than my Silkie roos, and would probably do better fighting off a predator because he's got a size advantage. But the three of them crow about the same, really, and they're a pretty mellow trio.
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    Chicken Vomit

    Yeah, it really freaked me out too, but my birds were just thirsty little girls.
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    blood in poop - normal??

    No problem. When things go wrong with our birds, it can be really scary. For example, I thought my black Australorp pullet, Pepper, had some bloody poos, too, but it turns out that it was just a chunk of watermelon that didn't digest. I wormed her anyway, just to be safe, and all is well.
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    blood in poop - normal??

    Your chickens need to be wormed if they've got blood in their poo like that. It doesn't cost much to worm them, and even if they have other kinds of worms, like gapeworms, the worming medicine will take care of those, too. I use Wazine once every two months for my birds. You can find it at...
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    Names for Chickens!

    Quote: Oh dang, that is a good idea!! my girls that I am trying to name look at bit "godly" if you will.... (if you look at them with the right angle) I wanted to name my girls after Greek/Roman/Norse goddesses, too, but they were so dang cute and silly I ended up naming them things like...
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    For those who have silkies i need tips :P

    I use lavender-scented baby body wash, and it works great on all my birds, especially my silkies. It also keeps their feathers soft and they smell great after their bath.
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    australorp Beak Question --- UPDATED WITH PHOTO

    I have a buff silkie that does the same thing with his beak, it's so funny.
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    The Random (Nice!) Argument Thread!

    Neither, for I am a mongoose.
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    Yum or Yuck?

    YUM times a thousand. Hmm...cashews?
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    Would you rather

    Emu, 'cause I already have chickens. Hmm....WYR have the earth just explode, or have a full-on zombie apocalypse?
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    The Invader Zim club

    Quote: u think tak is sexy???? Yes. Yes I do. She's simply beautiful and her laugh is psychotic and outrageous.
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    wild cats dangerous?

    My policy is: never trust a cat, even with adult birds. Cats are patient, intelligent, agile, and their claws leave deep wounds that can easily become infected. A bird scratched by a cat may survive but can die from infection days later. Never. Trust a cat.
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