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    Need ideas for hen AND Rooster coops!

    I understand the social part, to some extent, everything's social lol I was going to have it to where they could see each other through the runs, and they'll be let out together, but I just don't want random fertile eggs everywhere lol. I'm also just waiting to find some good hens. I will be...
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    Is he a Leghorn?

    I agree with that, actually. Come to think of it, he looks exactly like one :) Thanks!
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    Need ideas for hen AND Rooster coops!

    So. I want to get a few laying hens and a rooster. I don't want to keep them together for obvious reasons. I want at least 1 hen at the moment, 2 later on, and one rooster MAX. we can have only 5 farm animals on our property being in city limits. and we also want to get a goat, so we've got to...
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    Is he a Leghorn?

    So, I found this rooster on Craigslist, and he looks like a leghorn to me. I'm only going to post the one image from the ad, I don't want to take them all -ahem- there's only two xD Anyway, he's being given away and I figured I'd take him in. (They have too many chicks hatching ^_^; lol) So...
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    Are all Roosters mean??

    Are leghorns aggressive? I'm planning on getting one to start my flock, but I've had some past experiences with roosters who liked my legs a little much lol Well... Actually I don't know the breed of this rooster, it didn't say. I'm just assuming it's a leghorn because of the white. It might...
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