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    Comment by 'Banana552' in article 'How To Raise A Chicken As A Family Pet'

    good article I have an oeg spangled bantam myself
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    Official Squatch Watchers

    Tell me is it worth eating A bird that bothers you Because i have this quail who Is incredibly aggressive She pecks me won't lay eggs And kills every bird she's with She hisses and snarls too Which is odd for a bird :confused:
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    Official Squatch Watchers

    Hello :D
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    Hello fellow aussie!

    Hello fellow aussie!
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    A Howl at Midnight. A wolf RP

    Oh Ok then i guess I'll join another
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    Nice spirit award What does it do?

    Nice spirit award What does it do?
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    Topic of the Week - Coccidiosis

    One question Can chicks be born with it If they're mother has it? Even if the mother didn't raise it?
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    A Howl at Midnight. A wolf RP

    link to picture below
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    A Howl at Midnight. A wolf RP

    Name: jayde Age: 4 Gender: female History: her parents were outlaws blamed for a crime they had nothing to do with by jayde's uncle so jayde never lived in a pack because she was born after the events. Her parents were shot by hunters but she managed to escape and lives alone. Personality...
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    Anyone Want to Help Me Make a Cool, New RP!?

    I'd love to roleplay! Im sure lots of people know it doesn't mean a chicken butt thingy so yeah!
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    Dying chicken

    Is her poop irregular? Check feather condition Is she stressed If so keep her in a quiet familiar or warm(depending on your climate) place See if the rooster may have caused her to pannic or be injured and exausted
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    What's Your Favorite Chicken Breed?!?

    I like Plymouth rocks Because of their curious docile nature i also like their beautiful feathers,nice size and easy to care for lifestyle
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