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    Wet Coop

    Hello KY neighbor from London with the heavy rain lately its hard to keep everything perfectly dry. You have a very nice coup that should keep all the chicks happy
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    New member

    Welcome the people here are awesome at helping newbies. You will learn a lot
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    Layer feed label comparison

    lol fixed thanks for letting me know
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    Layer feed label comparison

    Hello I uploaded two feed labels Producers Pride is Tractor Supply $12.00 before tax and Formax is the local feed from the closest feed store its $17.97 with tax. I think going by the label the Formax is a lot better quality feed with its 20% protein and 3.00 calcium. Would you guys agree for...
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    Will feed change affect effect egg production ?

    Hi everyone i have been collecting 6 eggs a day feeding 20% protein feed from the local feed store would buying Tractor Supply 16% feed to save money affect egg production.
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    Folks getting rid of my chickens!!

    Mothers are forever man you definitely should find a way to live together with the chickens
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    First Egg!!

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    Kentucky people

    Hi all Southeastern KY here
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    Hi, New to BYC!

    welcome nice birds and setup you have enjoy
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    5 month old hens not laying

    Hello from Kentucky everyone I have some hens from Tractor Supply bought the first of April and no eggs. I already started them on dumor layer feed I know i was suppose to wait for the first egg before starting layer lol. I have no clue what kind they are i will add a pic. Is it to soon for eggs...
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    apple cider vinegar with mother in hen water

    do i just pour a table spoon full in with the water or do i have to stir it to mix it
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Jeanieb7471 :highfive:
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    Hi my name is Amy

    Hi Amy and yes. Im also here cause whenever i have a chicken question for google it brings me here :highfive:
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    I'm never gonna get an egg!!!

    maybe 1 egg a day here in Kentucky
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    Chicken Question For You Guys And Gals

    Hi everyone my question is. My step father said we have to many eggs for our family to eat so he wants to give them a break from laying, that sounds strange to me. So he bought some meat bird maker feed. have any of you guys heard of doing this
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