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    Why can't make drakes talk like hens do?

    Ok I don't have any bird at the present moment, but I seen some earlier and was wondering, why is that the male ducks can't talk like the girls? I remember 3 years ago I was 16 and got my first birds. 2 ducks and 2 white Chinese goslings that both turned out to be ganders. One of the ducks...
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    Rescued a goose and some questions

    It looks like a goose (not a gander) to me, and you could take it to the vet if you are willing to see about its wing. Geese can run with your ducks, though it would most likely be happier with a mate. Listen to its voice, if it is low like a motor boat and not too loud, then IT is a SHE. If...
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    Neutering Roosters

    i don't think you understand chickens we'll miss chicken. Why should there be unwanted chickens in your community? I betcha there are many MANY people in this world that want those chickens on their plate. You seem like a small scale urban chicken owner to me, and above posters are right. Your...
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    Egg Eating Chicken and I am out of ideas

    with me, behavior like this gets a chicken an invitation to dinner. we cant let animals eat our food or potential livestock. the way i feel it is that if youre willing to eat a chicken, you should be willing to butcher at least one sonetime and learn how it is done. if you eat eggs it is also...
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