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    It doesn't look like it to me. They won't just lay there and let you take a pic of them. She looks like she's just relaxing. They take squatting very seriously, and you will know it when you see it. Start going around, trying to pick one of your chickens up. They will stop dead in their tracks...
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    First egg, wrong spot and few other questions

    2 eggs from the same hen within 30 minutes of each other? I'm almost certain you have more than one hen laying eggs. But congratulations!!!
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    Egg Song

    My top 2 hens in the pecking order seem to go to the nests at the same time. I heard so much egg song racket one day, I stuck my head in the coop to see what was going on. #1 was on the nest and #2 was standing there singing her butt off. I believe they may be in competition together, so I think...
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    Oh my! There's squatting, and then there's "SQUATTING"!

    Mine all squat now, even when I'm a good distance from them. I don't even have to be close to them, and they see me coming, and squat. If I'm not looking at them when they do it, I know it's happening because I can hear their feet pat the ground as they brace themselves for the ride. When they...
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    Cracked Shell, But Not Leaking

    I found an egg on the coop floor this morning with a cracked shell. The liner on the inside was not punctured, therefore, the inside was contained and not leaking. Is the egg still good if cooked for breakfast tomorrow morning? Also, one of my chickens layed a completely shell-less egg this...
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    cracked eggs?

    Staple some foam padding to the bottom of the nest boxes. I used some of that foam "egg crate" padding you buy to lay on top of matresses. Works great. Never had a broken egg, and mine hollow out a nest right down to it.
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    Soft Shelled Egg Questions

    I've had a few soft shelled eggs since my 9 hens started laying around the middle of August. I was concerned, BUT......I can almost guarantee there is nothing wrong with you chickens. Just give them time to work the bugs out. I now get anywhere from 7-9 eggs per day from them. And all of them...
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    Egg Laying Question

    Quote: Great....I just figured they took a break based on other posts I had read. I've got mainly RIR and Black A's.....with one buff O. They have become very consistent layers, and all started laying around mid August.
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    Egg Laying Question

    My hens have all started laying now. I'm averaging 7 eggs per day from 9 hens. The heat here in Oklahoma has diminished and we are now getting some low night temps in the 50's and high day temps in the 80's & 90's. At what point will they slack off for the winter? I know I may still get an egg...
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    Limit their tomatoes??

    I feed mine some of the "ugly" tomatoes from our garden. They do love them, and I have noticed that shortly after they eat them, they get the "squirts". I assume its due to the high accidity levels in the friut, maybe? They get the same way when I feed them watermellon too. (don't know if...
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    Broken egg in nest box almost every day

    To hopefully remedy a portion of getting broken eggs, I cut some of that foam material that lays on top of a mattress (egg carton foam stuff). I stapled it in each of my 3 nest boxes and laid the bedding back on top of it. Now it feels like the whole nest has springs under it. The hens don't...
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    Houston, we have a squatter!

    Of the 3 breeds I have, RIR, BO, and Black Australorps are the funniest to watch when they squat. When i approach one, (I have no rooster) they get really into it, and pat their feet on the ground really fast as they squat. I assume they think they've got to really brace themselves for...
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    Golf balls DO work!!

    Quote: I don't know where that even came from....I have never taken the time to put an avatar on my page. (maybe my wife jacked with it....I don't know)
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    Golf balls DO work!!

    I finally have all 9 of my hens laying now. I have (3) nest boxes built in to the side wall of my coop. I have read, and still believe, that most hens want to lay in the same nest box, although all 3 of my nest boxes are getting used daily. As 3 of the hens are sitting, the others are either...
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    Egg Charting?

    I thought about issuing my 9 hens each an ID badge, and make them scan in before entering one of the nest boxes. I've been keeping track of how many, but not who laid. I do know that all 9 are now laying since I got 9 out of 9 last Friday.
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