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    Homeschooling in NY? Info needed....

    My parents are interested in homeschooling my 9 year old brother...We are having issues with his current school district and they are considering just pulling him all together and getting him on some sort or online program and working with a tutor...We know there are rules, registrations etc...
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    My chicks are cannibals

    The chick with the wound needs to be removed ASAP, the other chicks will just keep picking at him..... Maybe their brooder area is not big enough? This is common with bored chicks in tight conditions...All it takes it one drop of blood....The first year I raised chicks I went into their brooder...
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    When to order chicks for future broody to raise?

    I also have buff orpingtons among other breeds and have found it compleatly impossible to get them to accept chicks that are not theirs. The only exception they have even made was when I had a very broody hatchery stock RIR...Gave her a dozen eggs and she proved to be a great incubator.....and a...
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    Is there a broad spectrum cat wormer.....?

    I am curious about this myself, after 4-5 years without a cat I recently adopted 2 kittens that appear wormy....
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    just watched a bad movie...

    I thought it was super weird, strange, dark movie. I also think it has more meaning then most realize like punk-a-doodle says, it is a coming of age story, but think it was just too bizarre of a movie for your average american to enjoy.....
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    I think I'm gonna do it!!

    I wish I could hatch I would get killed though or at least seriously maimed if I tried brooding chicks in the house this year and its far too cold out this year to do it outside...a whopping 6 degrees today...
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    My rooster killed a hawk ***Pics***

    Quote: Haha Heroo
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    Let's See Your Horses!

    My family has 5 horses, 2 are my personal horses, one is my little brothers horse and two belong to my aunt. These two are mine, the red roan appaloosa is Mike and the other in the background is my 3 year old Paint/TB, Sirus. This is my little brothers horse, a 24 year old paint gelding...
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    Quote: That's pretty weird
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    I'll draw ya horses. :)

    Would love a drawing of these two together as well if you have time. This one is Mike, my appaloosa pony (and Si) Just got him about 3 weeks ago.
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    I'll draw ya horses. :)

    haha he was not a bit thrilled. These were taken the first day or so he was home. That is his first saddling/bridling actually. I have to get some new ones uploaded, he is actually a super photogenic horse
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    I'll draw ya horses. :)

    I would love a nicely drawn pic of my horse! His name is Sirus aka Si. He is a 3 year old Paint/TB.
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    Got our goats yesterday!

    Quote: I have heard that before. Dose anyone know if electric is suitable and if so how much/how many strands and how spaced? I'm thinking about goats for myself in the Spring so this peaked my interest.
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    Newbie In Upstate Ny!

    from another close neighbor!
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