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    Pigeon Talk

    I'm not sure if there's anyone here who's super into genetics or breeding but thought maybe I'd ask just in case :D In the next few weeks as I'm pairing up birds I'm hoping to crossbreed for the first time. Specifically damascene and birmingham rollers. I've got a damascene hen who, despite...
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    Pigeon color ?

    Hello! What you appear to have is a black hen and an almond cock! Between these two you could get quite the variety! Depending on the genetics from the hen you could get blue squabs, black squabs, almonds and even spread almonds! What exactly you could get is all dependent on the parents and...
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    Pigeon Talk

    Hello! I've had pigeons for a few years now and did a few years of 4H with them (hoping to become a 4H leader for my group now that I've aged out) but I was curious if anyone active here knew anything about doves genetics/colours? I am very thankful to have gotten 4 gorgeous ringneck doves for...
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    Soft Shelled Eggs

    Mine is 30% calcium with almost entirely oyster shells and some limestone I believe. I'll keep feeding as I'm doing and hope come spring she'll lay a good egg ^^
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    Soft Shelled Eggs

    Red grit is I believe around 30% calcium, it's mostly oyster shells. I don't feed them pellets because they don't eat them, instead I feed seed which if it does contain calcium it's probably very little. I always have red grit available to them, a dish out for general pop and added into the food...
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    Soft Shelled Eggs

    I have a hen who has consistently laid soft shelled eggs during these past few months I've owned her. I'm not breeding currently because of the cold weather here but come warmer weather in spring, is there any tips on what I could do? I've been giving their breeding enclosure extra red grit and...
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    BBS Ameraucana Pullets or Cockerel?

    It should become more obvious as they continue to grow, bearded birds with small combs tend to be more difficult (tiny comb + small if any wattles). I'd keep an eye on them and maybe take more pictures in a month or so, I'm a little suspicious of them possibly being roosters, but I can't quite...
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    Silkie question/ parent identification

    My guess would be something similar to partridge, but chicken genetics can get sort of crazy, including incomplete expressions and leakage. I would say your momma bird is probably one of those whites, white is notorious for hiding other colours underneath it ;D
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    Medicating Pigeons

    Hello! I just found out today I have a pigeon who may have works and I'd like to worm everyone, would using piperazine in the water be harmful? It says it's best to avoid using it. I have some pairs with older babies they're still weaning, could it hurt them?
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    Marans gender help

    Looks like the younger splash may be your only hen in there... Really pretty birds though
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    Silkie color genetics

    This is a great resource for learning genetics! Splash bred with black should make 100% blue chicks, I know that for sure, the rest you should be able to plug into the website to get the results. Always remember that sometimes chickens have...
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    Are Welsummers dingbats?

    The one I had for 4 years wasn't exceptionally bright, but because she was the biggest hen weighing in at nearly 9.5lbs, she did kind of use her size and weight to push other around. But she wasn't super smart, she was intimidating with her big eyes (I used her in 4H and had to remind people...
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    Pigeon with 2 different color wings

    You could breed pigeons with white on the wings such as Baldhead, so that when it extends the wing it sort of mimics the look of a mosaic, theres a lot of pretty color combinations that can give beautiful multi-coloured wings & shields on pigeons like Opal, Almond, or even just bronze or...
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    Pigeon with 2 different color wings

    No, it appears to be a recessive red with possibly a few other modifiers, that birds look could be because of a white/pied marking or something else like bronze added with the red ^^
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    When will my male welsh harlequin get a yellow bill?

    Out of all of the breeds I have I think those are the ones I have the least pictures of ^^; I do have a pic of my Damascene hen though that won reserve champion at my fair this year ^^
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