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    chicken drama and bullies

    that's what I've done... they've been able to see her all the time. Anyways, i'll just have to keep her separate or give her away.
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    chicken drama and bullies

    ok, so we're downsizing our chickens due to increasingly busy personal schedules (think multiple teenagers). My kids want to keep 3. These would be my teenage sons pets. The problem is that the SS hamburg was recently beaten up pretty bad by one of my other hens. That hen is not longer in...
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    Naughty Chickens?!

    they'll peck at freckles, spots or any other mark on your legs - mine love going after my painted toe nails. When I'm sitting out with the girls I keep a 2ft stick with me to just push the more "picky" ones off of me. They don't like the stick and so they generally move off when they see it...
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    Help and sorry

    yes, bring her food and water and then let her and nature do their thing.
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    letting my chickens run

    mine will stay out in a torrential down pour. Unless it's really cold out the rain won't harm them.
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    What is reasonable time to let the rooster outside?

    one rooster and 8 acres... she's just picking for the sake of being difficult. Let your rooster be with the girls.
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    This is probably a crazy idea...

    do they have a run or are they always free range? I think it's a better idea to have someone let them out and put them in. If they only free range then you'd need to be prepared to maybe loose a few, if predators are not a problem then I'd definitely have some one let them out.
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    roo verse hen ratio?

    it all depends on the rooster. I had a 1 to 16 ratio and still had to get rid of the roo because he was going at the girls so much that they were stressed, loosing feathers and not laying. They'd bend over to eat and he'd be on them. I think the more the better
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    Friendliest domestic fowl

    our delaware is by far the friendliest breed I've had yet... and she talks to you and likes human company
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    when they molt their feathers come back it I do believe
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    segregating a wounded bird???

    thanks... I think she is. I have to try and catch her again tonight after work to dress and clean her wounds. She has our 2 houdans with her for company since they can't really see that well with their mop tops so they don't pick on her and they all have the same coloring. She's also enjoying...
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    segregating a wounded bird???

    well, I went out to find her up on the roost and that's the first time she's been there in months.... lately she's been sleeping in the nest box (either cuz she wasn't allowed on the roost or so she'd have protection on 3 sides while in the coop), so that's an improvement already. Her wounds...
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    Oversexed Rooster

    I think some people remove spurs but I couldn't do it. We had the same problem and in the end we gave away our rooster to a fella keeping 60 hens. You might want to consider the same. It can get to the point where the hens can stop laying because of being harassed by the rooster so much. The...
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    segregating a wounded bird???

    she has the veteracyn on and I've packed the wound with honey (it's a nursing thing... not quite medihoney but will do the same job). I've dressed the wounds and believe it or not, she's got gauze dressings on and they're actually staying on. I've got her segregated from the others and will...
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    segregating a wounded bird???

    I have divided the coop in two with chicken wire so they can see each other but not get near each other. We had her wounds dressed and then she escaped (my daughter accidentally let her get out). So now she's free ranging in the yard. Hopefully we can catch her tonight and segregate her...
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