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    Crossing Black Australorp Rooster x Splash Orpington Hen = All Blue chicks???

    I only hatched hens. The roosters I culled were the adults which made it impossible to get more offspring of the same parentage.
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    PNPA Poultry Show October 19 and 20

    Deadline to register is Friday the 27th 2013
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    Almost all flocks have this.
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    Oregon This is a must see show free parking free admission. See link for entry and directions. October 19 and 20 2013
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    PNPA Poultry Show October 19 and 20 This is a double show with 1000 birds expected. The largest show in the Pacific Northwest There will be some excellent quality birds at this show with a sale area. Free parking and free admission Held at the Clark County Fairgrounds in...
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    White chalky poop

    It looks white and yes it could be just sticking to the feathers. I seen no sores
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    White chalky poop

    Any ideas on the causes for white chalky poop accumulating on a hens feathers surrounding her vent? They still lay and act normal.
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    Cornish Thread

    Looks like a hatchery buff Cornish.
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    IRS= Healthcare??

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    IRS= Healthcare??

    I suspect the 18 to 24 year olds will not take to the idea of paying for us older people's premiums. I also heard today all Congress staffers who make a minimum of 70,000.00 BTW and more a year will be getting 75% of their premium paid by taxpayers by executive order. Which is not really legal...
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    IRS= Healthcare??

    Is anyone in favor or opposed to the IRS enforcing compliance to the ACA? pro or con please be nice and share your opinions.
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    Red Laced Cornish X and project talk (pics p. 8)

    Too much protein can cause birds to mature faster at an earlier age and when sexual maturity starts the slow in growth. Another better way to get larger birds is to separate cockerals from pullets and they will grow longer and larger due to later sexual maturity.
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    Cornish Thread

    Check it seems there are some UK breeders or clubs listed there.
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    Cornish Thread

    Are those Russel's darks? cockerel?
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    Cornish Thread

    You're welcome, you should have no trouble finding quality DC there. In fact I would die for some birds from some of the European blood lines.
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