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    rabbit breed questions

    im thinking there english spots am i right baby cottentail rabbit also you can post pics of your rabbits if you want
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    icelandic sheep pics

    we usually dont either but we promised the lady we bought him from we would keep him. hes not mean eny more since we casturated him
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    icelandic sheep pics

    one thing i have learned is never trust a ram no matter how friendly they seem for exampel this ram but usualy you can trust a ewe
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    icelandic sheep pics

    nice sheep im not shure about your question tho sorry
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    icelandic sheep pics

    spring lambs
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    Chicken "mutt" club!!!

    the rooster is the mutt
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    feather growth problem

    all my bantams are the same age but one of thems feathers are coming in alot slower than the rest.
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    egg problem

    i put some eggs in the incubator when i did this i put them big end down and there developing in side should i flip them small end down now or is to late also the eggs are nine days old now.
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    broody duck questions

    i have 2 questons do hatchery mallards go broody and do rouen ducks go broody ?
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    feather legged duck

    i think there about 3 days old not for shure becuse i got them at the feed store
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    feathered legs (with pictures)

    i have a rouen duckling like this to
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    feather legged duck

    i have a rouen duckling with some baby feathers growing on its legs will they go away or turn in to adult feathers when it grows up.
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    what kind of bantams are these

    we got these at the feed store
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