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Oct 21, 2012
i put some eggs in the incubator when i did this i put them big end down and there developing in side should i flip them small end down now or is to late also the eggs are nine days old now.


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You have to realize there is a difference in what can possibly happen and what absolutely will happen each and every time. There are some bad things that can happen when you put them with the wrong way up. That does not mean you have absolutely destroyed any possibility of getting any chicks from those eggs, just reduced the likelihood you will have a great hatch. You may still get a great hatch. You may get a lousy hatch or maybe none at all. It’s really hard to say. You are dealing with living things and sometimes you’ll be surprised at how stubborn life can be.

How valuable are those specific eggs to you? If they are pretty valuable, I’d carry on. If it is real easy to replace them and that works with your schedule, you can start over and feel better about getting a good hatch. These things are not absolutes. There is usually no right or wrong answer.

If it were me I’d candle them and look for the air cell. With some green or darker brown eggs that air cell might be real hard to see. But if the air cell looked like it is in the right place for most of them I’d probably turn them the right way and keep going. If many of the air cells were messed up or in the wrong place and I could, I’d probably start over.

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