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    Recently one of my chickens got killed

    So she was my first ever chicken and first chicken that ever died. We found her dead with her back end gone. It was nothing else but her top end. It also ate her intestines including the part where she produces her egg. It was no blood or any feather scattered around on the ground so I’m...
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    How do I stop a rooster from crowing?

    I have a rooster he’s perfect has a perfect personality and is the perfect breed I dream of but he crows very loud and a lot and I have neighbors. My neighbors haven’t complaint yet but they might in the future. I tried giving my rooster a crow collar but he’s too smart he just takes it right...
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    Looking for an Araucana Hen

    I have amerucauna Easter eggers is it any colorful egg layer that is broody and rears chicks
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    Collonca and Quetero

    Do these breeds still exist? I know they are the parents of Arucanas. Does anyone have any? Is anyone selling any? Does anyone have pictures?
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    Looking for an Araucana Hen

    I’m looking for a Araucana hen I live in south jersey. I love Easter eggers I have Easter egger hens and a rooster. I love the personalities, I also love arucaunas but can’t find any hatcheries selling them I like the fact that they lay blue eggs have friendly personalities and have an adorable...
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    Chicken pheasant Mix

    Can anyone send me pictures of a mix of the two? Does pheasants get along with chickens? will it be more chance of disease? What do pheasants act like? What does a pheasant chicken act like?
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    What does a Black Asian mixed with a Silkie make?

    I haven't seen much about black Asians and what I can say is they have the perfect personality to be show birds. They are friendly, social, they like to pose, they like perching on your hands and posing for pictures, and are super friendly. What will it look like crossed with a Silkie?
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    Broody Chicken Breeds

    An qustralop was created by crossing multiple breed including buff oephingron it says buff orphintons are really broody
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    Broody Chicken Breeds

    Do australop tend to be broody because mines an australop Cochin cross
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    What does a Asian Silkie Cross look like?

    I have a black Asian chicken who acts like a show bird and is super friendly she ain’t the prettiest but she’s adorable and hyper with big bot black eyes what will it look like crossed with a silkie?
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    Broody Chicken Breeds

    Ok ty for the info
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