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Jun 29, 2017
May 6, 2014
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Jun 29, 2017
      I have a Buff Orpington that is acting strange. At first I thought she was egg bound. So have done the procedure to help pass an egg, three time now. Also checked for sour crop. She is puffed up with tail down. She is not loosing feathers, and her comb is not faded. She is responsive to my touch and talking to her. She eats very little but drinks a lot of water. When she sleeps she is standing up with head tucked in body. This has been going on for over a week. I have her in the house because I don't know what else to do but to keep a close eye on her. All my other hens that go broody sit in the nesting box and I have to remove several times to get them out and about for a bit. She does walk slowly. So at this point I am not sure what to do. I considered putting her down yesterday, but she is not failing so I had a very strong impression not to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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