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Oct 25, 2018
Mar 10, 2008
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Emu Hugger, from a bumpy dirt road in Florida

10 Years
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Oct 25, 2018
    1. Edie K
      Edie K
      Do you have any polish chicks for sale
    2. justplainbatty
      Still trying to move, renaming my farm for sure, in another state! Already have the new name, just not ready to share for my own safety. To top it all off, I just got out of hospital after 2 seizures I don't remember. Newly diagnosed Epileptic at 50? Dr's said it was stress caused, I believe that! Now, cancer survivor, permanent blood clot carrier with blood thinners and handicapped parking for life, now add Epilepsy, meds for it and driving restrictions for life? Oh, and I'm down to weighing 100lbs without being on any diet- all stress! there is nothing good about age (or men)! Animals Rule!!!
    3. justplainbatty
      what the hey :( what was her user name ? Idk if I've chated with her or not over the last 7 years.... RIP. I am a cancer survivor, tested clean in April after 3 yrs. (colon cancer)
      She's in a better place, trust me, I know....
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    My Heart is Broken... I miss you my Sweet Sophie Puff Diva Chicken.... Living and working on a Zoo farm - 300 plus chickens, fancy pigeons, Sebbies geese, turkey, crested ducks, peafowl, ornamental pheasant and ducks, Black swans, Egyptian geese, African Crowned Cranes, Emu, fainting goats, mini zebu, mini horses,mini donkey, alpacas, llamas, horses, 5 Great Pyrenees and a cat.​
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