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    not using some of the nesting boxes

    we have 6 nesting boxes all the same size on each side of our coop for a total of 12... The chickens all use the 4 outside corner boxes and only 2 or 3 of the middle 8. Is there anything I can put in the boxes besides the obvious nesting pads to entice the hens to use these. My husband suggested...
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    ratio of crumbles to scratch

    Yes I do sell my eggs and I have some very loyal customers. As my younger ones start laying I am going to sell at the local farmer's market. My original question was does anyone out there mix scratch and crumbles together? And if so at what ratio? 1 to 1, 1 to 2, etc... I am retired and husband...
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    ratio of crumbles to scratch

    I have about 80 hens and 4 roosters and they are eating me broke. I am interested to know how much food and how much scratch should it take to keep these guys happy. I live in Texas and it's around 100 degrees. They prefer feeders to just throwing it on the ground. When I throw scratch on the...
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    healthy adds to chicken scratch

    My flock likes scratch but it's not that healthy so what are some things I can add besides sunflower seeds and mealworms to make their scratch healthier and go farther? Oats, milo, wheat etc...
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    Sitting hens

    Thanks, I went out to check on her and the others and she was out of her box with the baby chicks. She was trying to get them to go back in the box but she was having a hard time so I helped her and now she is sitting. she still has 6 eggs under her. Don't know if these will hatch...
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    Sitting hens

    I have a blue laced red wyandotte that's sitting on a nest. She has hatched 2 babies! My first very own hatchlings. My question is will she come out to eat or drink? I have her in what we refer to as our juvenile pen with 33 young ones. I have a feeder and waterer real close to her nesting box...
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    sitting while molting

    as a matter of fact I do thanks!
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    sitting while molting

    she's all "fluffy"on her back and when I try to get eggs from underneath she becomes really agitated and pecks me! I'm not sure she evens comes out to eat or get water. Everytime I go in there she's in the same nesting box. Could there be something wrong with her. All the other hens her age are...
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    sitting while molting

    I have 1 blue laced red wyandotte that is starting to molt. She is one of the big nesting boxes and she's been in there for 3 days now. I thought something was wrong with her so the first day I picked her up(she didn't like that 1 bit) and there were 8 eggs under her. They are "somewhat likely"...
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    need jumbo egg cartons

    Does anyone know where I can get clear ex large or jumbo egg cartons? Some of my eggs are too big for any large cartons
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    Frozen Eggs

    I actually don't have any breeds that sit. I just don't want to sell bad eggs
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    Frozen Eggs

    I am in Texas and this week has been FRIDGED! All of today's eggs were in the boxes in the hay. None are cracked like they might be frozen. I usually sell within a couple of days so I just leave them out on my kitchen counter. If they are frozen will they crack when they thaw? Is there a way to...
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    Ag Exemption in Texas for Chicken Eggs

    Hey Chicks5006, did you ever find out the answer to this question? I live in a rural town in Central Texas and I have 30 soon to be 50 chickens. So I am curious about that too. Thanks Chicken Lady
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    instant oatmeal

    i have boxes of flavored instant oatmeal that I don't like. Can I mix this in with their scratch?
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    feeding dried cranberries

    I know people feed the flock dried cranberries, my question is do you chop them up or feed whole?
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