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    So Pleased to Say Hello!

    :welcome :frow
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    Hello! Any help will be very appreciated!

    :welcome :D It always starts with a dream and a handful of chicks...
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    Hi, I'm Cam!

    :welcome :D
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    New Member Introduction

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    Newby looking for plans

    :welcome :celebrate
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    Hello from North Georgia

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    New member, Howdy

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    Hi it the Ausie new member Smart Cookie

    :welcome :celebrate
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    Glad to be a registered user here.

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    Thank you for accepting me!

    :welcome 👍
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    These roos with these hens could make...

    :welcome :welcome:wee
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    Hello everyone

    :welcome :frow
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    Excited to Learn

    :frow :welcome :wee
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