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    You folks have some really good ideas! I'm going to start preparing warm mash in the mornings for them, and sprouting looks like a good idea too. I don't know much about fermenting, but that seems interesting too. It's slightly warmer today, and the below zero lows in the forecast don't...
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    Hi! It's been terribly cold here in Idaho Falls, and we've been trying to prevent frostbitten combs and possibly freezing to death the 4 hens in our little coop. We have 2 25 watt red bulbs on 24/7 and have installed a 75 watt bulb (covered) inside the little coop as well. This has brought...
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    Advice needed about dominant, aggressive chicken

    I put peepers on two of my meanies and they really do the job! They should be called peacemakers! (Peepers came after time out and isolation didn't work. Oh, and after hot pick and rooster booster were tried.)
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    I DID go and had lots of fun! I also added two beautiful ladies to my backyard flock!
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    Comment by 'cindylo' in article 'What To Do With Unwanted Cockerels'

    I accidentally ended up with two beautiful game roosters. Not wanting either of them to end up on the diner table or in a cockfight - I ended up sending one to his ideal paridise - 32 hens! The other one is my personal favorite bird, he's a real gentleman. He is technically an illegal roo, but I...
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    Introducing Pullets WITH Pullets

    I had only one chick survive the cold. Mom and babe have been separated from the rest of the flock ( 1 roo and 2 RIR hens) bith a hardware cloth mini run inside the main run. Broody Mom is going a little bit nuts and "baby" is now feathered out 8 weeks old. Everyone has seen everyone else...
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    Scaly Leg Mites?

    Try your farm supply or home and garden stores. Both will stock this. Your'e a kind soul to save those birds and give them a comfortable life!
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    do rir's always squatt?

    of the three RIR's I've had - two "squatters" to one who abstains!
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    Chicken Names- whats your chickens name?

    I'll bet lots of people have named a chicken Drumstick - but this is only a temporary name until I find out if "Drummie" is a He or a She :)
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    Idaho Falls!
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    My chickens STILL won't lay eggs in the nest boxes. Any suggestions?

    My girls figured out where to lay their eggs thanks to the multi-colored plastic Easter eggs filled with wadded up paper that I placed in each nesting box. Tis the season - lots of Easter stuff is hitting store shelves already.
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    poll: are you legal or an outlaw?

    I have three legal hens and one illegal roo. The legal limit is six hens and NO roosters, but so far, at least right now, no complaints from the neighbors. I do give them eggs and wine though...... (bribes or frendliness - you decide)
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    No rooster is needed for hens to lay eggs. Roosters are needed for fertilized eggs. Roosters are great company, and tend to be a stable member of the flock though. I must admit that I have an ilegal rooster here myself, and he is an absolute gentleman to the girls. He has one special lady...
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    Uncle Sam Expects You To Keep Hens and Raise Chickens !!

    That's IT! I'm just patriotic too! (NOT just the crazy chicken lady!)
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    Chickens Stop Laying Why?

    Have you added extra rations to help the birds compensate for the cold? Maybe a little bit of scratch grains or some leftovers? All I know is my girls are eating more feed than they did when it was warm weather. Their laying hasn't decreased much with the addition of light and scratch.
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