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    Chicken Breed Focus - Yokohama

    Some photos of the two I had quite some time ago now. Just for interest sake.
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    G'day from Australia! First Coop in the making.

    Looks good! Yeah I've just got corrugated iron sheets on all my shed roofs, works great. If you have 2 silkie then they'll probably just chill within themselves. Isa's may peck on them as they tend to be a dominant breed but it'll be fine.
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    Mob of chickens...hungry?

    Pigs! All of them. Your chickens have just established that you are the one who feeds them so every time you go to them they think just that, feed time.
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    What is wrong with my duck's foot?

    It's called bumble foot. I've forgotten how to treat it just off my head, but if you search that into BYC you'll get plenty of results.
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    Is Celeste actually a Sir Lester?

    That comb does look rather big and coloured especially for that age. I'd say a rooster.
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    Overwhelmed with incubator choices

    The first incubator I got is the Rcom King Suro 20. I have been rather happy with it so far. Fully auto so pretty much set it up and come back in 3 weeks to find it full of chicks :) Have had to make a few adjustments such as the egg dividers not being adequate to hold a range of egg sizes so I...
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    help what breed

    He looks to be a right mix of breeds. Maybe got some EE and Marans in him.
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    Help with breed!

    Yeah your pics haven't loaded
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    What breed is this boy?! Thanks! ;)

    Looks to be a mix, defiantly got Wyandotte in him.
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    Breeding mutts

    It's really just a case of trying and see, but id say it is very likely that both 1st and 2nd generations would be good egg layers. Your crossing prolific layers (links) with decent layers (wellies) so your defiantly not going to get bad layers.
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    Adding eggs with chicks

    A mother hen with a 3 week old chick will not sit in the same nest for long enough to hatch those eggs. How come you can't keep them in the bator for just one more day? Eggs tend to hatch all within 1-2 days. If they don't hatch then they may be dead, didn't develop properly or are even...
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    Trouble breathing

    Hey guys, I have a Marans hen that is having some real trouble breathing. Ever since I got her she has always breathed with a bit of a raspy sound and with her mouth open (for about 8 months), but in the last two days it has gotten worse. She keep 'coughing/ honking' (like when they gobble...
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    Australia - Six states..and that funny little island.

    Hey all Yeah they are good. I have some Marans now and am happy with them. Things have slowed down in the chicken department as I have yr 12 and what not, but I'll definitely still keep some chicken as they look good in the garden and are nice to look after. How are all your lot appps?
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