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    Fencing Systems: Show Us Your System

    Wow, Thomas, that is quite a coop! How wonderful.
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    Hawk behavior qeustion

    I lost two of my RIR chicks to hawks. I put plywood about 12" (16" on the back side, under the coop) tall all along the bottom of the chicken tractor, covered the top of the chicken wire run with a venetian blind, and hung the food and water away from the edges of the run and coop. Hawks hunt by...
  3. chicken tractor

    chicken tractor

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    Comment by 'cluckychucky' in article 'Cluckingham Palace Chicken Coop Tractor'

    Wow! How awesome! What a great job.
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    feeding sprouts, grass alternative?

    That is a sweeet blog! Thank you for sharing! I am stealing that idea. I love the BYC community.
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    I Hate Silkies - Proof They Are Evil - GRAPHIC PICS ADDED

    It looks like one of the castle guards from the Wizard of Oz! Oh EEE Oh....OooooO!
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    Production reds Cherry eggers

    Met Mr. Hagan at the Barberville farm swap. That man is full of good information. I will be picking his brain again, I'm sure. I have since done some of my own research, and the ins and outs of the hatchery "name game" are baffling. I will be more selective in the future about where I get my...
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    Tell How Predators Got Your Chickens. Save Somebody Else From The Bad Experience

    I lost two chicks to a hawk. I secured the bottom 12 or 16 inches of the tractor with plywood. That has solved the problem. The hawks sit on the edge of the clearing and eye up their approach to attack. I took away their line of sight, and no more problems so far. I also lock my flock in the hen...
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    wanting to start a lil homestead...

    Yes. Just learned about it last week though, so I couldn't tell you much about it.
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    Coffee's ready...

    Beautiful Florida morning here. Sipping coffee thinking about the next coop to build. Thinking that I need another chicken tractor for some meat birds. Just let the girls and Cogburn out. He is a faithful watcher of the flock. Off to work. My girls will be waiting when I get home. Have a great day.
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    Comment by 'cluckychucky' in article 'FalcoOat's Member Page'

    As a graphic designer, I am (of course) impressed with the best use of Adobe Illustrator, ever. That being said, this is cutest coop I have seen yet to boot.
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    That would be great any other week, but I am just making a flying trip to get the pullets. I have to take my son to a build a thing a majiger at Home Depot before 9. Maybe we can check out each others setups this weekend though. Birds of a feather, you know...
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